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Our Story

Live Vertical was born through years of prayers and service.  For 12 years, the founders of Live Vertical (Rob Longo and Luke LeTourneau), have prayed with, served alongside, listened to, and mentored Campus Ministers. In those 12 years, Rob and Luke have worked with over 25 schools and have facilitated more than 170,000 student encounters with Christ. Rob and Luke have witnessed life-changing conversions from this work. Now is the time to multiply these encounters and make them the norm, not the exception.  In order to make this happen Rob and Luke needed others to join the team.  This could not be achieved through the ministry that they were working for and thus needed to venture out and create something new. 


The idea was put forth to Rob and Luke to pray a 9-day novena to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  On the ninth day of the novent, through prayer and time in Adoration, another saint, Blessed Carlo Acutis, was being revealed to Rob in new and profound ways.  It was through the writings of his Carlo's mother that Rob received the inspiration: 

"To most, Carlo was simply a great guy with a tremendous perspective on life. To Carlo’s mother, he was much more. Beyond typical motherhood pride, she knew her son was special. Intuitively, she knew he had a deep relationship with The Lord. Carlo’s mom observed that his peers were living horizontally, focused on things of this world, while Carlo’s focus was vertical, centered on Heaven, and he conducted himself accordingly."


Thus the Holy Spirit illuminated in Rob's heart the idea of Live Vertical and when he brought it to Luke, well the rest you can is HIStory!  

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